Are these blackheads? Picture?

This isnt my nose, but the dots look real similar…Open Question Yeh, thats dirt in the pours. Need to exfoliate and moisturise your face every day Sorry to say, but yes. They are such a pain. >=[ Yes they’re blackheads. I’ve recently gotten them too, it sucks! I suggest looking online, maybe there’s some … Read more

Ideas for henna tattoo ?

Ok, so i wanna do a henna tattoo with something that symbolizes what i feel for my boyfriend, so I was thinking something like the Chinese symbols for “love” and “eternity” with our initials on it, or something like “unconditional love”, I wanna do it with henna, because I really don’t want a real tattoo..any … Read more

Question for girls (Deodorant)?

so, i just started using the invisible secret plt balanced unscented antiperspirant (works with your bodys natural chemistry) with aluminum zirconium tichlorohydrex gly 19% W/W i heard antiperspirant is bad for you?, is it true? and what should i get instead? should i stop using the one im using now? my mom doesnt approve me … Read more

Razor wire tattoo website?

Where can I find websites that show pics of razor wire tattoos. I need a good picture to take with me Wednesday when I go. I want a good one, but I haven’t been able to find a good websites with razor pictures. Thanks, ChadOpen Question