How can I find the amount a firm paid to purchase property, equipment in a given year on balance and cash flow?

There is a (loss) in “additions to property, plant, equipment” in the cash flow statement, a positive number for the net income line item, and positive depreciation/amoritization expenses line item in the cash flow statement. The balance sheet shows a lower in 23 amount for “property, plant, equipment, net” than the one in 22. How … Read more

What is mean: ABBEY NATIONAL BANK:NON-RESIDENTIAL ACCOUNT:opening balance of US$500.00 & end recive $1milion?

Answer QuestionOpen Question This looks like a scam to me. “Abbey National Bank”, whom you’ve never heard of, wants you to send them $5, and supposedly you will receive $1,0,0 later? Don’t fall for it! Just don’t answer them. Well I’ve heard of Abbey National actually! Abbey is a large British high street bank. They … Read more

What is the purpose of closing entries?

What is the purpose of the post-closing trial balance? Explain where the information for the post-closing trial balance comes from. Can anyone please help with this, not an accounting fan….Thank you so muchOpen Question closing entries-… post-closing trial balance-…