Starting Muay Thai soon, couple questions?

Starting here, on the website it says I need 16oz gloves, are 12 14 and 16oz gloves the same hand size just different weight? I have small hands so I don’t want to get huge 16oz gloves and have them be too big on me.Will these do?…… 1 Answer ? Favorite Answer Gloves … Read more

Can santoryu be used/achieved?

Santoryu which translates to “Three Swords Style” im not sure if it is an actual thing or was just made up. I heard of it on the anime one piece. It is used by roronoa zoro where one sword is held in the mouth by the handle and then one in each hand. In the … Read more

I need help writing a fight scene. Its when the unbeatable fighter fights another fighter, trained for fight?

I need a very descriptive fight scene, because I suck. It has to be In first person P.O.V 2 ✅ Answers ? Favorite Answer Not enough information man. What kind of fighters? Trained to do what? What style of fighting? What’s our setting like? What are the rules like? 00 the unbeatable fighter fights another … Read more

Should I start fighting at 30?

I’ve been a fan of MMA and UFC since about 26.I just now have the time to train and fight but I’m already 30.Is this a good idea or should I just hang up the gloves? 8 ✅ Answers ? Favorite Answer no. people who want to fight don’t have to ask random people on … Read more

Ways to self teach MMA?

I know going to an MMA gym is way better than being self taught but in some ways i think self taught MMA has some advantages like you can implement some of your own styles of fighting. -All i want to know is some ways to self teach MMA. -Is learning from MMA video games … Read more