Starting Muay Thai soon, couple questions?

Starting here, on the website it says I need 16oz gloves, are 12 14 and 16oz gloves the same hand size just different weight? I have small hands so I don’t want to get huge 16oz gloves and have them be too big on me.Will these do?…… 1 Answer ? Favorite Answer Gloves … Read more

Can santoryu be used/achieved?

Santoryu which translates to “Three Swords Style” im not sure if it is an actual thing or was just made up. I heard of it on the anime one piece. It is used by roronoa zoro where one sword is held in the mouth by the handle and then one in each hand. In the … Read more

I need help writing a fight scene. Its when the unbeatable fighter fights another fighter, trained for fight?

I need a very descriptive fight scene, because I suck. It has to be In first person P.O.V 2 ✅ Answers ? Favorite Answer Not enough information man. What kind of fighters? Trained to do what? What style of fighting? What’s our setting like? What are the rules like? the unbeatable fighter fights another fighter, … Read more

I need a song for my martial arts form?

Something that starts out slow and controlled then gets fast an intense 2 ✅ Answers ? Favorite Answer Well CaptainJackass, have you tried “Captain Jack” (by Billy Joel)? Source(s): Because it is perfect for a martial arts form.

I want to know if this place seems like a mcdojo.?

Have you ever heard of a karate called kyokushin? Well there’s a place in Alabama called Oyama Karate it seems pretty legit. Then the prices are so expensive. Here’s there website plz check it out and give me your opinion. 4 ✅ Answers ? Favorite Answer I’ve heard of Kyokushin Karate numerous times and have … Read more