What does ‘sexual volcano’ mean?

The term was used here – http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2013/04/… ✅ Answers ? Best Answer I agree with first dragon. It means that due to the surrounding and confined environment, the kids/teens would become sexual and that it would be a freaking “sexual volcano” because they would be sexing up anything that moves. Certain religions prevent sexual activity … Read more

Information on BBC News Figures?

Hi, I need some detailed information regarding people and details affiliated with BBC. Any (Accurate) responses are helpful! First off, What is the political alignment (Liberal or Conservative) of John Smith (BBC CEO)? Second, how about the political alignment of John Simpson (BBC Editor in Chief)? Lastly, In a short sentence, briefly describe BBC’s editorial … Read more

Opinions on the United States?!?

So I’m just 13 and curious! So don’t think I’m dumb..well…anyways, I mean, I’ve never left the country, so I just wanted to know what people think about the United States! If other countries can see this…I don’t know. Lol. But yeah! Anything from economy and government, to oh lets say, music, climate, geography, the … Read more