what are the two asset classifications?

for my accounting homework πŸ˜€ Answer? Favorite Answer Current Assets (expected to be used/collected within one year) – Cash – Accounts Receivable – Short-term Notes Receivables – Merchandise Inventory – Marketable Securities Long-term Assets (expected to be used by the business for periods over one year) – Equipment – Factories/Plants – Property/Land – Long-term Notes … Read more

Who are you? I have to write an essay anwsering this question what should i write about? HELP!?

If possible i would like an outline of what to talk about so when i type the essay it will be easier βœ… Answers ? Favorite Answer You must not die of introversion shock. Leave yourself sitting there in the chair, and just step outside yourself for awhile. Now, you are not discussing ‘you,’ but … Read more