I seen this word all day today?

snuggie. What is that huh? ✅ Answers Answerer 1 Behold the wonder that is Snuggie:https://www.buysnuggie.tv/flare/next?tag… Sign in to vote! Answerer 2 There’s a reason the guys a multi-millionaire now. He re-invented the blanket. Source(s): http://ezinearticles.com/?Snuggie-For-Dogs—Review-of-the-Dog-Sweater&id=3146087 Sign in to vote! Answerer 3 yeah what is that? Sign in to vote! Answerer 4 Only the best product … Read more

How do I get a women for under $10?

what is the best way to get a girl in bed without spending more than $10 since I don’t feel like getting a J-O-B? Seriously women…tell me how I can do this cheap…give me your secrets. will humor work? does lying work?Open Question how about growing up and getting a J-O-B like every other productive … Read more

Woman answers please?

why does my wife get pissed when I look at porn I have to hide it like I am a child. her views on it are if I watch it I will cheat on her. Not true I admit I want to cheat with a porn type woman but its not because I look at … Read more

Do you end up the Caregiver?

I’ve been dating a man who has expressed an interest to “move to the next level” in our 1 year relationship (we are both 45). He has a mentally challenged 43 year old sister that lives with him. She lived with her mother until the mother passed away this past January. My guy felt responsible … Read more