2 mulitiple choice quesitons?

Which practice or practices are representative of effective observation of young children? Answer Be aware of and avoid individual and cultural biases Observe children as individuals and in groups Devise a system for recording information that works for you Use the criterion-referenced standardized tests as a basis for information gathering AND Which method or methods … Read more

What is developmental Reading?

Can you give me examples of developmental reading? thank you ✅ Answers ? Favorite Answer Teaching children how to decode words (which starts with basics such as identifying letters and all speech sounds) and how to understand what they are reading. In understanding a text, a person can answer comprehension questions, compare two texts, discuss … Read more

Which name is best for a Montessori school:Magical Moments Mont, Childrens Montessori House or Early Explorers?

✅ Answers ? Favorite Answer Children’s House Montessori. The others sound like day care centers or camps. Beachchick, though I wish that were true, it isn’t. Anyone can use the name Montessori. It is not patented. One can have an accredited or validated Montessori, but that process takes more than just having certified Montessori guides … Read more

Do I need a "special" license to work at a daycare? If so, where could I get one?

✅ Answers ? Favorite Answer The daycare should be licensed according to state/county regulations. The daycare you apply to will tell you what you need in order to work there; not a license, but a certain number of credits in early childhood development and education are usually required. Source(s): Many years of experience in the … Read more