B&Q still sell materials for c&c cages?

Do b&q still stell mesh wire grid panels that can be used for c&c cages for guinea pigs? I have looked online but found nothing, have they been discontinued or the name changed? I need to build the cage asap, do they still sell them in store? Thankyou, all answers much appreciated!:) 2 ✅ Answers … Read more

Hamster smells like vomit?

I have a Syrian Hamster and lately she has been smelling very bad, like vomit.The smell is especially strong by her back side so I’ve come to the conclusion that maybe she ins’t drinking enough water which is making her pee more acidic(causing the vomit/acidic smell) she peed on my hand a day ago and … Read more

How much is my hamster stuff worth?

Well I bought a hamster, and when I buy things I usually keep buyin things related to it. I have 5 cages, 6 water bottles, 3 balls, 2 hideaways, 7 wheels, 2 chew toys, 5 food cups, and a litter box. I’ve paid maybe $1 out of pocket. I traded a DVD player for the … Read more

orchard hay for 1 month old guinea pig?

i have two guinea pigs. about 1 month old. I fed them with orchard hay without knowing that alfafa hay is needed for guinea pig under 6/8 month. so should i change to alfafa hay? or have mixed variety between alfafa and orchard hay? 4 ✅ Answers ? Favorite Answer Orchard grass is just fine, … Read more

how to make my bunny cage bigger?

so i made a C&c cage and it is two grids by three grids. i not his is not as big as it should be but its working right not cause he is just a baby. but soon he will be a full grown and very lively florda white rabbit. i dont really think i … Read more

Rat Tunnels question?

Ok well here are my questions. 1) Would this be fine for rats: http://www.ferretdepot.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen… 2) Would PVC piping work better? If so would 3.5″ diameter be fine? 3) Is there any other kind of tunnels out there? Plastic type only though. 1 Answer ? Favorite Answer 1) Yes, this should be fine for your rats. … Read more