How should a guy with a fit muscular/athletic body dress?

OK I’m not super muscular I’m more athletic and natural looking my build is almost exactly like this Is there a way I could dress to look hot without looking douchey like Jersey shore guys? ✅ Answers ? Best Answer a T-shirt jeans dibshit you want a [email protected] kilt or something? What Jersey shore … Read more

Does this ring tarnish? help please?

Does this ring tarnish? easy to scratch? strong? Mens Gold over Sterling CZ Engraved Wedding Band here’s my 2nd and 3rd choice or any suggestions to what kind and where to buy, where it’s cheap, and fast? my fiance wants a personalized ring Thank you ✅ Answers Answerer 1 yes

Is fragrancex legit??

I just baught a 6.8oz chrome azzaro cologhne for 58 bucks on fragrancex! And it is unboxed but still brand new! Do y’all think I’m getting ripped off? Do they dilute them?? Please help thansk! ✅ Answers ? Best Answer read about it here open the first and second green link there on left … Read more