Where can I download THIS version of Windows Movie Maker?

http://blogs.technet.com/photos/blog_photo_gallery/images/448701/original.aspx theres a picture of what it looks like. I had this version on my old laptop, but since I have a new laptop now, It doesn’t have it on there and I prefer this version out of all the rest. So can someone please give me a link to a free Windows Movie Maker … Read more

Itunes Deleted My Music! Help Please!?

Okay its pretty much like i said. I had a laptop it broke. So i brought a computer & when i put my ipod on it deleted all my music. Im really confused to what im supposed to do about this.Open Question So you had songs on your ipod and when you plug it into … Read more

Why can’t I play 1080p .mkv movies on my computer?

I’ve tried VLC media player, media player classic home cinema with the cccp, media center can’t handle it, in fact, the player that worked the best was windows media player, and that got all pixelated, choppy, audio/video sync got off. I’ve got a pretty good computer, 2.5 GHz core 2 duo (T93), 4 GB RAM … Read more

Some questions about adobe flash cs3?

I just started using Adobe Flash CS3 and I’ve got some questions about it. Okay, so I put it on Onion Skin and begin doing a frame-by-frame animation thingy. But it goes way too quickly. My first animation in flash was of a guy sneezing. I drew out probably thirty frames, but it only two … Read more