A few questions about plushies?

Hello everyone, I have a few questions about plushies.

) What is the best kind of fabric to get when you are making plushies? I have heard felt is good to use but I want to make sure before i actually get materials.

) What is the best way to do the eyes? I know some use iron ons or they print them. My skill at drawing isn’t top notch so I wouldnt be able to draw them right onto the fabric without a lot of practice. ( some people use an ink jet printer, that I do know)

) If I get good at making plushies I thought about trying to make some money from it, Maybe make a few anime characters for myself and make peoples original characters. But I was wondering if it was illegal to make and sell characters that appear in anime. I know that some do make it/sell them with out permission of the creators of the characters, but if it is illegal (even if they do get by with it) I don’t want to do that.

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  • . I would go with fleece. It’s a bit more expensive than felt, but it’s more durable and softer/more huggable. It comes in many varieties/textures and can be purchased cheap at Wal Mart. You could use fluffier plush fleece for hair/fur and normal fleece for skin, for example.

    . Either print the eyes using an inkjet printer or a laser printer and color them in with Sharpie Pens, which are bright and don’t fade. You can print them on iron-on paper and iron the eyes right onto the fabric. Be sure to set the white part of the eye to be slightly off white or bluish to ensure that the printer actually prints that color. Otherwise, you’ll end up with clear eyes. Either that or you can go to Dollar Tree and get a few small stuffed animals and just remove their hard plastic eyes and use them. Antique stores oftentimes have Beany Babies, which had nice eyes, and you could get them for probably around $ apiece.

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    . You technically would not be able to sell them, but you can commission them through Deviantart. Go to Deviantart.com and create an account. Make a plushie you like and post pics of it. Say you will commission similar pieces. This will allow you to sell them without running a business. This way, you won’t get sued or anything like that.

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