Brain Fart on my plot to my story,need ideas, pretty please help me!?

So I’m writing a story for my creative writing class and I’m stuck. the setting is sorta like harry potter, its taken place but like normal people dont know it. its happening underneath their nose the whole time. and its debating on having it set in the ‘s or mordern day, but shouldnt make that much of a differences. Here’s what I got so far:

There was a prophices that says that a hero or a warrior will rise and determine the balance of good and evil and death will overcome and death isn’t the final thing an a couple other things (still working out a couple bugs) but anyways she has to learn the dark side/citys (vampires, werewolves, witchst, etc) way and how they live and grow and she does grow up under a trusted member of the counsel of the light city and well the girl falls in love with the demon prince but she gets taken before either like a marriage or anything like that but she gets taken by a group of warriors and she gets to the counsel and I’m stuck. I know she falls in love with Will, a strong, cocky, yet sweet warrior and a counsel member that she was suppose to marry, but like Im stuck on how she gets to the counsel to when she falls for will. no she doesnt realize theres a prophie thats about her till she gets to the counsel or i might even hold off on that and the counsel only knows bits and parts of it. i have the ending planned out AND it inovoles this extremely wicked twisted, but i need something to fill the gap between where she gets thrown in the light city and when she falls in love with Will. Like i dont know how to show she falls for him against her own will. She’s physical attracted to him, but she loves the demon prince, Seth, too because she sees another side of him most people dont see. I want something dramatic to happen in away so she see Will as not this cocky, horny, warrior who thinks he can get any girl he wants with the snap of his finger. Like there is more to his behind a pretty face.. like he opens up to her or something…like he says that they were suppose to be together and grow and fall in love but mentions and the prophie and she freaks out not know anything about it. But i would still need stuff to fill in the spacese between the plot. Detials.. like does she get close to a friend. idk.. im so stuck, ive gone completely blank on what could happen or what could fill the time period when she goes to the light city. does she train, does she try and escape, does she find a way to have balance to the world and create a bridge between the two places? like i have NO IDEA! haha. ive been trying and trying to find something creative but i cant come up with anything and its blowing my mind crazy!!

Any ideas or twist or anything.Im open to anything really. I know it choppy and may not flow yet buy this is just a summary and there a lot of other ideas an detials im debating on adding. But still I’m so stuck and I gotta get my outline finished by Sunday so I have weeks to get a rough draft. Please please help! Best and helpful comment will win points and be my best friend! 🙂

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  • Maybe Will manipulates her on behalf of the council in order to change the prophecy for her to make a bridge between the two worlds for their economic benefit. But, when she falls in love with him (with the aid of magic/potion?) she discovers the prophecy and how she was manipulated, giving her motive to work against the council. Then she could team up with Seth and let darkness reign!! (Or at least attempt to.) She could think that she’s helping the Demon Prince by taking over the Light City where she used to be involved with assisting Will and the Council (as a sort of revenge against her being manipulated), but then accidentally link the two worlds with her unknown powers, thus fulfilling the prophecy. This could lead to her enlightenment by the end of the story, where she and Seth rule together as their love could be a symbol for the connected-ness of the good/evil worlds).

    Your story sounds awesome, by the way! Hope my ideas helped…?

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