smithers thinks that a special drink will increase productivity in workers. he creates group A and B of workers each to staple a set of papers. group A is given the special drink and group B is not. after an hour group A made stacks, and group B made stacks.

-whats the dependent and independent variable?

-how could this experiment be improved?

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  • dependent: how many papers are stapled, it DEPENDS on whether or not they had the special drink

    independent: the drink

    could be improved by accounting for the placebo affect ie. knowing you are drinking a special drink to make you do the stapling better…you may just end up doing better, but not because of the drink. just KNOWING your taking the drink will make you think that it will make you perform much better…so you will (or you will report something like ‘ oh it made me feel so energized’) but only because of what youre thinkiong…it has nothing to do with the drink itself. to deal with this, i would give both groups a drink – one the special drink and the other a glass of kool aid or something, but i wouldnt let either group know which one they got!

  • dep.- # of stacks

    ind.- special drink

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