does anyone have any names of half human/half animal creatures?

i need some half human/half animal species names, for a book i am starting. they need to be able to hide there identity ( like a werewolf or vampire). Also a half human/half type of cat species ( like a tiger or panther etc…)would also by really cool. please help if you can, all answers appreciated!!!!

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  • Selkies — the Scottish Seal people

    Nix – water dragons/serpents that changed into women

    Naga – snakes that transform into people

    Yuxa – another snake one

    In Japanese mythos the following animals could take on human forms in order to cause mischief.

    Fox spirits (kitsune)

    Huli Jing is the Chinese equivalent

    Badgerdogs (tanuki)

    Ghost Cats (bakenekos)

    Lots of Asian stories have dragons that change into beautiful people.

    Source(s): Also, check out the wiki page for Werecats if you want some ideas,

    There’s also a number of stories about witches who could turn into black dogs….

  • Satyrs a.k.a. Fauns

    Ever seen those hairy guys with gold chains and sweat pants? Check for hooves is all I’m saying.

  • Centaurus



  • Persian – a human that can turn into a puma

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    dont think the spelling is right though lol xx

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