doomsday?what do you think?

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  • It will be just like YK

  • Quite possibly. I am Christian, you are referring to the Indian tables? The signs are all there… the th church age messenger has come and gone, Russia is preparing to blow up the US and the Vatican, the great earthquake is about to hit California, dropping it in the sea, it is entirely possible that or sometime very near that is the summation of time as we know it in this stretch.


  • Well we’ve all got to die one day. So in a way it’s doomsday every day for someone.

  • Who actually gives a hoot? I mean you could die tomorrow, what do you think about that? Are you going to dwell on that thought until tomorrow comes? Wouldn’t waste my time to be honest.

  • Pretty damned silly, I say.

    Go ahead and start spending every day building your bomb shelter; can I have your job?

  • they said it in , , , , et cetera ad nauseum…I guess we’ll be allright:-)

  • We’re all gonna die…..ahhhhh

  • who cares?



  • i think its another hoax

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