Have you ever been to a Foam Party….?


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    no i’m to young..

  • No, but typically at a party I’ll stand in the corner and foam at the mouth, so…you know.

  • … this sounds like a lot of fun!! And constructive too!!

    I can’t think of anything nicer than spending an evening making sofa’s and cushions with friends whilst listening to some great sounds!!

    Basket weaving classes have suddenly paled to insignificance!!

    Source(s): NEVER cheat on your partner in a memory foam bed!

  • Yea a couple.

    They’re alright but only if I’m really smashed because guys assume you want to makeout even if you don’t know them, and feels like an excuse to get overly comfortable.

    They’re fun though

  • You drivin ? I’ll stop by and we can go together sounds like fun however when i get there we probably wouldn’t end up leaving the house .

  • No never, and id go to one if it was in a nice place not the rough places they have those kinds of party’s here where i live.

  • http://www.google.com/search?q=foam+party&hl=en&tb…

    Images from Foam Parties !

    I have never been to a foam party.

    Yes – I would go to a foam party on lsd with you !

    : )

  • velvet my little Silky Skin friend,no not yet,but i do Foam at the Mouth,lol,i do when i see them famous Draws,lol,i do,and would i go to one,Dead right i would,when are we going,lol,

    so take care my sweet little Tiger.

  • No, but sounds like fun.

  • No, and I would never go to one. If someone invited me, I would do one of two things: either turn it down (say, “No, thank you)” or I would never show up (basically, I would completely blow it off).

    Source(s): I’m a -year-old man, and I’m not the partying type. And being at a party where you’re lathered up at the same time would be stupid and unmanly. Especially since it is unmanly for us males to be taking a bubble bath.

  • hmmm does it involve champagne beans and chocolate http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ChGxwRqYcI

    just wondered ;o)?

    Oooo it’s a bit HP Saucy !

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