How Do I Study For Fun?

There are many ways to study for fun. If you’re bored with the material in class, listen to music without lyrics or roleplay. These activities can help you learn and relieve stress. Try rapping out some scientific terms, or role-playing historical characters. The goal is to enjoy learning, but make sure that you’re also having fun! Listed below are some suggestions for how to study for fun.

Animaniacs song

You may have heard about the Animaniacs song “I’m Mad” from the television show, but do you know where it comes from? The song’s origin can be traced to a comical cartoon in the 1990s, and was written by Batman: The Animated Series writer Randy Rogel. Rogel had his son write the song while studying geography, and he used the Mexican Hat Dance tune to make his words catchy and memorable. He later updated the lyrics of the song to include countries that were skipped in the original. The song has been performed by Rob Paulsen, who recently recorded it in a Nerdist video.

The catch up song for the show is an effective way to review material and learn new material. The catch-up song is intended to illustrative, and a new songwriter added to the show’s catalogue. While a song from a classic cartoon is more entertaining, the Animaniacs revival has some problematic songwriters. In addition to Randy Rogel, there are several new songwriters who add new songs that are catchy and appropriate for study.

Music without lyrics

You might think that music without lyrics is too boring, but in fact, instrumental music has the benefit of universality. Instrumental songs can be played by anyone in any language and culture. Listening to instrumental music is an ideal way to learn without the burden of translation. Not only that, but it can also improve cognitive development. Here are a few benefits of music without lyrics:

Lyric-free music is hypnotic. Studies at Stanford University have proven that listening to music with lyrics distracts students when studying. Our brains have a limited amount of processing power, and song lyrics eat away at the portion of the brain that processes words. The result is that studying can be a struggle, and music with lyrics can only detract from the process. Therefore, it is important to listen to music without lyrics when you need to study for fun or focus.

Online games

If you’re looking for a new way to learn, one of the best ways is to play a game! Some online games are made specifically for studying. Try Rock, Paper, Scissors or ZOOM. These games are both fun and useful for revising concepts, and they let you play with the level of difficulty you want. They even let you submit your own ideas for topics, so you can have more fun while learning!

Another great way to learn new words is to play educational games. You can find games that teach you about the alphabet, numbers, and other concepts through fun, interactive games. You can even use online chats to improve your English speaking skills. Some of these games use the Common Core State Standards, so they’ll teach you the right way to speak. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced student, there’s an online game that’s right for you!


Unlike traditional methods where students are forced to sit and focus, roleplaying allows them to reenact situations and learn from them. Students can act out the part of a history character or even rap out the scientific terms. Using roleplaying to study and create positive feedback loops is a great way to reduce stress while studying. Here are some great ideas to try:

You can role-play different types of vocabulary. For example, your role as the boss can teach the students about how to talk to their employees. You can also role-play different types of language in order to teach them proper grammar. While the students are playing the different parts, the teacher can observe and comment after the play is over. This will allow them to better understand each other’s mistakes. As a bonus, role-playing also makes learning fun!


Investing in quality desk equipment and stationery can help you study for longer. Make sure you get the kinds of writing materials you enjoy using. You’ll be much more motivated to study when you have high-quality materials at your disposal. Try these tips for a fun way to study. Here are a few ideas for stationery. You may even want to invest in a clip-on light, so you can focus on what you’re writing instead of the rest of the room.

One of the best ways to engage students is to give them a bag with different items in it. Then, have them sit facing the table. Place a number of pieces of stationery in the bag. Have them point to each item and say what it is. This exercise will help students remember the order of adjectives and nouns. Once they have memorized all of the items, they can put them in sentences and use them in class.


One of the best ways to motivate yourself to study is to provide fun rewards. A game or movie you can watch guilt-free after finishing a textbook can serve as a fun reward. Or you can indulge in a sweet treat after finishing a difficult book. The important thing is that the reward be high-density fun, meaning that it recharges your energy rather than depleting it. In fact, it will be better for your health and your study routine to choose a reward system that is based on fun instead of guilt.

Another effective whole class reward is a recess. Depending on the weather, you could even organize a sports event with the students. As an alternative, you could have a snack for the entire class. You can even bake or buy healthy snacks for the class as a reward. You can even create a no-bake recipe for your students to enjoy. Make a healthy snack for the whole class, like fruit slices or a piece of cake.

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