How to catch a liar, Help this is urgent?


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    why do you feel the need to catch her out?.

    think about it,why is she trying to impress you?.

    she likely feels inferior and wants you to like her.

    if she is really your friend just nod and smile when she spouts bs and maybe pity her.

    im sure she will grow out of it.

  • That’s the best way to know if its true, question her and state the obvious like how could you if been here if you’ve never flown or say she said she’s been to France ask her about it in front if her parents. So it will all come to the truth. Good luck I hope this helped

  • point – why does it matter, is hurting you in some way, whys it so important for you to prove her wrong

    point – make an incorrect statement, something that only someone who has flown will know (like “my trip so spain was fine apart from the fuel stop”, she should be surprised that you had to stop)

    point – is possible she took a boat? because airtravel is not the only way

  • Ask to have a look at her passport, see which countries she has stamped there by the Customs people

  • >How much did her plane tickets cost

    >>How long were the trips

    >>>What kind of transportation did they have

    >>>>What did the people there look like

    >>>>>Any weird wildlife?

    that’s all i can think of 😛

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