How to control energy spending?

I have a debate coming up about how to control energy usage and spending.
The problem is that countries are overspending their capital on energy and at the same time harming our environment and wasting our sources.

Can you give me solutions that I can propose regarding this topic?


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  • If our counties, cities and states were to start a new program so that each useing the taxes they get now for starting businesses for 2 years and give each property owner a credit card for each to use for those businesses, then they would be required to only spend a certain amount only and at the same time start lowering taxes for the property owners and those owners that dont use the credit cards for these businesses to buy from the city’s, county’s, and state can continue paying taxes instead. === Controlled spending and tax payers saving money. ( suggestion= COUNTY BUSINESSES =Water, sewage and garbage, City Businesses= POWER Company/ and Communications. STATE BUSINESSES = Transportation, Gasoline/ products / American Govt. Railroads/ Airplanes, ETC. Mike
  • Spend less.

    Unfortunately, that part is not directly under the control of the government but of every individual in the country. The government can only spend more to try and educate people, try to regulate people and corporations or try to develop new options, all three of which costs more.

  • Keep complaining about energy security and other political issues, by the end of debate you ill be relaxed regardless of the problems being solved.

  • Energy from sunlight is one of the abundant source of renewable green energy on earth today. Being an intermittent source of energy, research is currently ongoing on how solar energy can be stored through conversion to other forms of energy


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