How to obtain a pure sample of solid MgSO?


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    You have to get the MgO into a more usable form. To do this, add water to MgO first.

    MgO + HO —> Mg(OH)

    Now you can use Mg(OH) with sulphuric acid.

    Mg(OH) + HSO ===> MgSO + HO

    I suppose it is possible to write it as

    MgO + HO + HSO ===> MgSO + HO

    MgO + HSO ===> MgSO + HO It should work.

  • Add distilled water to the MgO so that it becomes Mg(OH). For simplicity it is best to use the sulfuric acid, since the only products other than magnesium sulphate would be water. The water can be removed by heating the solution until most of the water boils away. If you want anhydrous magnesium sulphate then you can heat the hydrated salt that is left.

  • Other than take a bottle of magneisum sulfate from the shelf in my stockroom?

    React Mg(OH), which is called milk of magnesia, and HSO, sulfuric acid, stoichiometrically, and evaporate the water, allowing the MgSO salt to precipitate.

    Mg(OH)(s) + HSO(aq) –> MgSO(aq) + HO(l)

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