I need help understanding a poem?

I asked someone I started dating a few weeks ago what he thought of me and he said he would tell me with a poem… and this is what he sent me, please help me understand what it means. Thanks!

I consider those moments, the waking,

the lovemaking, the looks of total

recognition. I knew someone once.

And as I sit, in this large bed,

enveloped in new sheets, two warm

smelling dog-people beside me–

I fear the not knowing. The

stranger in myself. The silence

that has become such a dear friend.

Loving myself has proven so much

more difficult than I could have

foreseen. Loving another is easier

and infinitely more rare than

even a poet of the most romantic

notions could have suspected.

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  • well from my perspective it seems like he is into you; but he isn’t really sure about his feelings.It also looks like he doesn’t quite know how to convey his feelings through poetry either. The poem is quite confusing though, he doesnt give any definitive idea of whether he is into youMy advice would be to ask him for a direct answer; honesty is always best.

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