Inconsistent booting times in Windows XP Professional?

Usually my Dell Latitude D laptop loads Windows XP Professional very quickly and the whole system is up and running and totally ready to be used within about one minute, but sometimes it’ll sit there on the Windows XP Professional loading screen for a couple of minutes before even showing the desktop. I don’t know why it does that, but it’s very irritating.

Is there some setting that can be changed that would make it *consistently* boot up quickly every time? I remember in Windows there was a check box somewhere in the program that you could uncheck that made it skip checking the A drive or something like that, and bypassing that check, which wasn’t really needed, would speed up the time that Windows took to boot up. Is that same option able to be uncheck in Windows XP Professional too? If so, how do I get to it? And are there any other settings to change that would speed up the time Windows XP Professional takes to boot and make it be *consistent* to where it takes the same short amount of time every time instead of needlessly taking a long time sometimes?

Oh, and I already went to start, run, typed in “msconfig”, went to the startup tab and disabled all of the extra programs that like to pointlessly start themselves automatically every time you start windows, so I know that’s not what’s causing these periodic speed delays.

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  • Clean up your registry. There is also usually a setting in your BIOS to skip certain tests.

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  • close some centers that may no longer mandatory(administration panel>admisintrative gadget>centers) .additionally decrease the no . of classes which run automaticaly for the duration of start up(u can do it by using the help of aoftware like tuneup incredibly).mutually as booting get rid of any flash force or ipods linked to the pc,or any cd/dvd from ur cd/dvd force.Defragment ur drives,test for virus .

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