is the book new moon like the movie?

Please elaborate on the book i would like to know the full story without reading the book. Thank you:)

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  • If your referring to twilight then yes in some ways the book and the movie are alike however like most things in movies some moments are altered and changed.

    The beginning of new moon the movie is very similar to the book, its Bella birthday and she wants to keep it secret from all her friends cuz she doesn’t like all the extra attention and would prefer not to be fussed over of course that’s hard to do when Edward is ur bf nd his sister is Alice so a party must ensue. In the book there is a conversation between Bella and Edward that takes place at her home that is later changed to a classroom in the movie. Then of course the epic birthday scene occurs , the convo between Edward nd Bella about the voultri and carlises days with them actually took place in the first book twilight, but other than the the rest of the party scene leading up to the Cullen’s departure was the same. After that just like in the movie the book skips a few months into the future where Bella is depressed and suffering from nightmares. During an forced outing with Jessica, Bella begins to become an adrenalin junkie after (in the book) thinking she sees the guys that attacked her, in twilight, inside of a bar and goes to approach them. That’s when Bella buys a motorcycle and takes it for Jacob to fix up, it pretty much becomes a few chapters of Bella and Jake hanging out, leading up to the whole movie thing with them and mike and Jake becoming a werewolf-thts pretty accurate in the movie though there is a scene where Bella catches mikes flu and becomes I’ll herself over a course of a few days. After that everything leading up to Alice’s return is pretty spot on. When Alice returned in the book she actually spent the night at Bella’s where bella filled Alice in on what was going on with her nd Victoria’s return, it wasn’t until the next day did Edward phone bella house thinking she was dead when Jacob answered the phone the reason for this was because Rosalie had told Edward that day of Alice’s vision of Bella killing herself and believing she was dead. Then comes the race to Italy, in the book there was a scene where Alice and Bella are on a plane to Italy and Alice is watching Edward through visions to see what his plan is, she and bella also discuss dieing to save someone you love and lying to someone you love in order to protect them. Bella in the car on the way to stop Edward also has a way bigger freak out in the book then the movie, and the moment when edward was about to reveal himself actually took place in an alley nt a building where after Jane showed up they were all taken through a series of under ground tunnels and rooms to get to the main voultori hall. There was also no battle between Edward and Felix though Edward was attacked by Jane as in the movie. After tht the rest is like the movie Edward and Bella kiss and make up except that happens in a room inside the voultri building where they’re waiting for nightfall so they can go home. During there trip out of Italy yet another car is stolen by Alice and there is a short reunion scene between all the Cullen’s at the airport. Charlie also lets Edward have it nd bans him from seeing Bella when Edward returns a sleeping Bella home. After that it’s all pretty much the movie including the almost fight between Jake and Edward however the location is different. Also Edward proposes to Bella in her room after their return from the Cullen family should Bella be a vamp vote.

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    There are alot of likes and differences but I still recommend u read the book , once you start you won’t want to put in down- that includes all twilight saga books

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