is there any software that can reformat a flash drive with a Linux swap file on it?

i tried installing linux on a flash drive but decided not to keep in on the flash drive and am now left with a flash drive half the size it was origanaly (i intentionly formatted it half and half because i still wanted to use it in windows) but can’t remove the partition. i even used linux’s partitioning tool and it told me i succefully formatted it but windows still only sees half (when i told linux to format it was for fat)

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  • You can do this by using GParted (Partition Editor) which is included on the Ubuntu LiveCD

    System>Administration>Partition Editor

    GParted is also available as a standalone Download if you do not have a Ubuntu LiveCD to hand


  • If you still have a problem with the flash drive after trying gparted, tell gparted or the linux partitioning toll to delete the unwanted partition and leave it like that. Windows should then be able to see the unpartitioned space and format it fat.

    Good luck

  • all and sundry has advised you the thank you to it, yet no longer one individual has reported, would desire to swap off the Flash stress off until now you get rid of it from the USB slot. whilst the counsel is being transferred a small LED gentle in the Flash stress flashes. Wait approximately seconds after the gentle stops flashing. Then in case you look in the activity bar and you will see a small icon that sounds like a small container with a green bit above it. Do a righthand click on it. and it will elevate a communicate container. In it it is going to say something on the strains of “detachable storage gadget”. spotlight it and click end. this would elevate yet another one with a catalogue. click on that to hightlight it. Then click returned the two end or ok. Then get rid of the Flash stress from the USB. in case you do no longer try this you’ll corrupt and harm circuits in the Flash Stick and you’d be no longer able to apply it returned subsequently dropping each and every of the counsel on it.

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