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Married years we have one son aged . We broke up for Weeks, that was one years ago, he has tols ne that he has not been with anyone but yet when we got back together I found condoms and where gone, I asked him bout it he told me that he used them just on his self for porn. Should I believe this? At the time I found out that my mums best friend had been texting ny husband and that she liked him not she is and he is . I dont know what to believe but when we got back together I seen that they where still texting alot and I mean alot she was nit his friend she was my mums friend. I asked him to stop texting her and to never contact get again because I found out that he wanted to be with my husband if we did not get back together so my husband stop every contact with her, I do believe him in some sort of what he says but I am worried that he did our they did do somthing. My husband was staying / living in his sisters house at the time when we where broke up. My mums friend had been down there numbers of time but I do not know if she stayed the night or if anything happend. Please help me. Our sex life is good and things are fine but do men buy condoms to watch porn??

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  • You and I both know that it’s very unlikely that he used condoms for masturbation. Your gut instinct is already telling you what you believe, you just want a stranger here on the internet to validate your instincts.

    Bottom line is, you either choose to forgive and move on or let his infidelity end you relationship.

    You’ll get a better response if you post in the Marriage and Family section.

  • Condoms for porn errrrr NAY. But still keep an eye on him. You should talk to that women and ask her not to text your husban. Because you didnt like your husband texing other womens. And talk to your husband and say that you would love to see him not texing that women again.

  • Men do not buy condoms to masturbate


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