Poll: Yes or No: Is this student really very brilliant?


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    Hahahahahaha :))) – Absolutely brilliant!!! – No doubt at all!!!

  • I am not agree that Pappu is intelligent at all.

    Only Pappu is helpful not in solving but erasing board.

  • Brilliant

  • The math problem was not solved. The problem the students were facing of having a math problem that none of them were prepared for was the only dilemma solved.

    This was not brilliance. It is a clever story, but does not display a very brilliant student.

  • We all know that physics is fuking hard. However do not say such factor because if Newton didn’t notice the legal guidelines of gravity and motion then human being nonetheless making an attempt dump fuking matters. This world is accelerated for the reason that of such laws and one among best famous scientists were discover other thing for the reason that of previous laws. For illustration- Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. Each legislation of Science Makes Human life better day-to-day.

  • he is seriously a brilliant student…he might not have actually solved the question, but only a brilliant student can think of solving the problem by using another method..

  • Indeed true , pappu has bright future lol . .

  • That Pappu is very clever!!!

  • Yeah lololololol

  • Yes, he is very brilliant and bright student.

  • Ha ha funny, I get it, the problem is bothering to do math. Just erase it and move on. (:

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