question about this biological experiment?

Can anybody explain to me what this article is about? Thank you

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  • JJ’s close, but the experiment also addresses the effect of different leader sequences on the efficiency of translationl


    .trans splicing = in some cases an exon is added to an RNA that was not part of that RNA’s precursor. In other words, two RNAs were synthesized and the splicing machinery joined pieces from both.

    . In eukaryotes, the protein synthesis machinery is more efficient at recognizing and binding a mRNA is there is a ‘ cap structure (and there are different cap structures with different efficiencies as this paper also shows

    . A ‘ untranslated sequence (sequence found before the start AUG) is required for initiation factor and hence ribosome binding.

    . Eukaryotic mRNAs have a polyA sequence at their ‘ ends (tail). This can be very important in protein synthesis and in stabilizing the RNA against degradation.

    . Synergy means that the “whole is greater than just the sum of its parts.”

    Hope this ‘nutshell’ explanation helps you sort out the details of the experiment.

    Source(s): Personal knowledge and using it to interpret this research paper.

  • its not too complicated really. its just discussing the effect splicing has on the translation process, through the addition of that cap.

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