Survey!!! Well there has Been Another Sighting of ?


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    Have you checked your mail lately? Seems that Spandey’s up to no good this morning.

  • No I don’t run into many Strange Monsters that much really. Actually I’m not sure if I really want to, unless they’re really friendly strange monsters of course. There’s also a lot of info about Sir Edmund Hillary investigating if, Yetis existed back in the Mt. Everest days. Of course he unfortunately never saw a real life one but he did get to look at, the scalp of a supposed one that a Nepalese tribe had ownership of.

  • There are teams of people going to places BigFoot has been sighted and scrounging around to see if they can find any kind of evidence it was there. Have never seen any thing unusual and i camp a lot in the Mountains.

  • No,have not seen big foot. Do not need to see him either lol have a couple of monsters around me though more like demons.

  • Can’t say I’ve seen any monsters lately. I really want to see compelling evidence of Big Foot. He’s such a cool legend!

  • I have been to the place where Loch Ness Monster originates. in scotland.. it’s pretty cool how they come up with these stories 🙂

  • Im not surprised. I just think it is an unidentified species. Scientist have just discovered a new type of fish. There are still so many unidentified species out there.

  • Yes I saw one under the table of the

    guy at the next table to me in a restaurant.

    I think he took a Viagra before going to

    eat out,

    “inside joke” LOL 🙂

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    I mean this in the cleanest way possible.

  • well… Does having a drink or with shane McGowan count ???? jk!

    I believe that big foot is an inner dimensional being……………..

  • Nah, I think it was just me in a gorilla costume

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