What do you have a hard time understanding…?


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    I have a hard time understanding how the BQ relates to the question

  • Life

    BQ: Soft

  • I have a hard time understanding… that why can’t people just accept others’ beliefs and not be so judgemental about religion. There will be peace and love everywhere if only we learnt to get along with everyone!

    “I have a hard time understanding how the BQ relates to the question” lmao

    I agree with that answer ^^^^^ xD

    BQ: hard is better (if you know what i mean) 😉


  • I have a hard time understanding the world we live in. Why people hurt each other, why children, vunerable people and animals get abused. I will never understand any of that.

    BQ: soft & fluffy X

    Source(s): ooh, someone doesn’t like me on here again, here is another thumbs down just for me : (

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  • Not Really 🙂

    BQ= Soft centered Caramels 🙂

  • I have invariably regarded God as my proper Father. I think one reason persons do not realise is that they are not but ready to have a real relationship with God. They aren’t but competent for the commitment it takes to have a real relationship with God. A real relationship with God is not right here in the future and then long gone the next. It is a lifetime commitment. Some individuals don’t need to realise and obey, that’s the actual motive. I am so pleased I selected to understand and obey. He has stuffed my lifestyles with so much pleasure and pleasure!!!

  • Life~Love :o/

    BQ : Soft like pillows…

    reality tv


    the universe

    the meaning of live


    people who mutter

    mutter mutter

  • Older men who behave like kids and have tantrums!

    BQ – Soft.

  • Life, I don’t get how I am suppose to do things and how I should live it.

    Bq: Hard

  • Why everything costs so much.

    BQ Hard

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