What do you have a low tolerance for?


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    Arrogance, and sarcasm if pushed

  • I went through eight days of horrible contractions with my son. That’s the more serious phase, I had a C part, so I failed to think it. I do know you don’t consider it while you get an epideral either. It will not be as unhealthy as you think, simply stay calm, and it’s your . baby, so it’ll ordinarily come much rapid than your first too. Don’t fear, the whole thing will be adequate! Congratulations! I love hearing about persons having infants! I loooooovvveee newborns.

  • Lazy people



  • Intolerance

  • Stupidity.

  • Stupidity.

  • Bullsh*t

  • Ignorant rude people hun x

  • Brussel sprouts & Egg plant..

    I agree with Tina…Arrogance tops the list…well,right under brussel sprouts that is..

  • Arrogance. Very off-putting.

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