What else can I do to help her?


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    *Dairy can actually ‘plug up’ a child more. So if she has a lot of yogurt or cheese frequently,I’d cut some of that out of her diet for now.

    Other than that. Increase the amount of FRUIT you’re giving her. There is far more fiber in the flesh and peel of fruits than in juice. Juice in all honesty is flavored sugar water with vitamin c. That is unless you fresh squeeze all of the juice you give her. And that is not the easiest for most of us who are busy!

    Soft fruits high in Fiber :



    -Bananas (this one surprises most people)

    -Berries ; strawberries,raspberries,blueberries etc

    -Dried fruits ; Figs, Raisins, Apricots, Dates, etc.



    -Prunes (actually at the bottom of the ‘highest fiber fruits’ list)

  • yes more liquids, try a small amount of prune juice, please skip suppositories, any un-needed medications are not good for young children / babies, they can cause harm in the long run. Does baby go daily? Also what foods you are feeding be sure they are age appropriate!

  • Have you ever spoken to a pediatric gastroenterologist about it?

    I have a feeling you may be giving too much juice.

  • prun juice helps and massaging her belly with baby oil twice a day will help her aswell..

  • Give her more liquids, milk and water.

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