Whats the pattern for this sequence?

/, /, /, /, /….

Whats the rule?

Please and thank you.

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  • these questions for patterns of sequences are always treacherous because many ways can respond to a few cases, and still miss the ones to come.

    (note: to understand my response, you wil have to think of your sequence of fractions, as sequences… the one of the numerators, and the other of the denominators… guessing both, you guess your fractions)

    What I can see is that


    the denominator of a fraction jumps to the numerator on the second-to-the-right element. Ex:

    /__ , /, __/

    /__ , /, __/


    ) the denominator goes steps and then back in the sequence of prime numbers: ,,,,,. Ex

    ,,,,, __, __, __


    So, the numbers appear first in the denominator, and then are threaded later (ie on the right) to the numerator.

    Thus according to this rules your sequence would be:

    /, /, /, /, /, + /, /, / …

    Source(s): logic and imagination 😀

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