Why must books be so expensive?

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  • Books aren’t that expensive really, especially if you settle for a paperback. It’s dollars generally or maybe for a new book. you pay that at the movie theater for you and a date for two hours when a book can give you days of reading and experience.

    Though if you don’t feel like paying for books you can always go to the kindle store and get free books. Orrrrrr, you could be come a pirate, if you get what I’m saying. (:

  • There are many people involved in creating a book. Everyone gets a cut. They have to increase the price so that everyone is happy with their cut.

    I read too much to purchase everything I read. Libraries are a wonderful thing and where I get most of my reading material. Used book shops usually offer books for half or more off the cover price. Used books on Amazon are quite cheap.

  • they are not usually expensive with some exceptions like school text books

    most new release best seller hardcovers sell for under $ new

    you can often get used books for under $

    most ebooks that are in public domain are available from gutenberg.org free (though donations are welcome)

    unless you live someplace like NZ or AU where the shipping costs a lot they are not very expensive

    and you can get most books from libraries too. It is not like your taxes will be less if you don’t take advantage of the library system

  • Because books are rarely read. WhereI live there are thousands of books that don’t get brought and the shops need to shut down. And I live in London!

    And whether the book is cheaper doesn’t make the reader more attracted to the story, that he is going to sit down and read for a few weeks.

  • It depends where you buy them from. I buy most of mine from thrift stores since I don’t really care if a book isn’t brand new or in perfect condition. Borrowing them from the library is also a good idea.

  • So the authors can make money I guess, but they are very expensive but I guess its up to who sells them.

  • i feel bad for the books i see that are like dollars

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