A mind recording device hooked up to the brain to record and store all your thoughts and mental images?

Do you think a device like this could ever be invented? I’m sure many people have had epic ideas flash through their mind but before they could scribble them down on paper it slipped away into the recesses of their mind. Does anyone think a device can (or even will) ever be invented that records everything that goes on in your brain and stores it all for you to literally see in picture form with crystal clear accuracy of how it was in your mind? I imagine if it ever is the inventor of it will become an immortal legend like Einstein. But is it possible for anything like this to ever be developed?



I’m not looking for satiric comments. This is something I’m truly curious about. Please only answer if you have true insightful curious thoughts.

Thank you.

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  • yes I also thought about this when I came across “Sixth Sense technology” for first time.

    One fine day we will be able to store and retrieve thoughts like Albus Dumbledore in Harry Potter.

  • i’ve got confidence so. at the instant we’ve the applications to appreciate uncomplicated ideas waves that consult with words linked with ideas like up and down. the priority is that even at that uncomplicated point definitely everyone’s ideas is distinctive. no one has an identical neural pathways as a results of fact those are build on your own own and unique studies. a working laptop or laptop able to scanning our ideas waves and translate into photographs would want to have the skill to decode each individual’s neural pathways and those are particularly complicated and their learn remains very constrained. for my section a technologies alongside with that maintains to be many an prolonged time from being invented yet i’ve got confidence it is purely logical that that’s going to be invented and interior the destiny we would use neural interfaces to speak with computers as an occasion.

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  • I thought I had one like this. Turns out I was just looking at pictures of my girlfriend…

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