A Question for fellow Jehovah’s Witnesses?

Has anyone has much success with this months offer?
i have found that people are really interested in the book. Do you think that this is due to the season or do you think more people are looking for answers because this system is so messed up and they are startign to realise that no earthly government is going to help them.

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  • Not me I’m afraid
    erm….yeah, could be. People these days in general are not secure about their beliefs, since mostly religious devotion is now being replaced with other pursuits. And even churchgoers, those that go have become disillusioned.

    We all have in us one thing in common, we want to live a truly, happy, meaningful life….And when we search our own way for this, we ALWAYS end up frustrated, depressed, fearful, and insecure. The bible is very true when it stresses our need to live our lives totally in accord with god’s will for us. God designed everything we now as humans, and if we go against what his laws or what his plans are for us..indeed we will fail…
    Remember…1 john 5:19…..this is satans world…and he has had his share of success in controlling the hearts of men…..Think about that.
    We personally can do rather little to bring peoples hearts in line with god’s. It’s jehovah’s spirit, and jesus christ, that can draw the hearts of those who can make that change.
    That being the case, we should always remember that any success in our ministry is entirely the work of god. Remmber when jesus said luke 19:40….that the stones would cry out….yeah?

    So, those who at times, including myself, feel that our ministry personally is lacking success, remember…..we do not know fully to which extent jehovahs spirit is activating so as to bear witness his own name…..what we ourselvesmay think and what we see are merely human observations.
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  • I placed all my December issues by the end of November. I am begging others for old magazines to use in the field service. I already doubled my order in October but I ran out of November magazines by the middle of November. Looks like I will have to increase my order again. We have a very large territory. But on every block there is at least one person who is regularly called on and many who are studying. Many more who have started visiting our Kingdom Hall. Most of the Bible studies who are visiting our Hall are already answering questions during the Sunday meeting. We live in a pretty affluent area and it is great to see the response from these people who already seem to have everything.

  • I had the same problem with Christ’s free gift of salvation: When it finally arrived I found they had signed me up to a book group. I put the free gift of salvation back in the parcel and sent it back, but on they phone they told me it was non-refundable.

  • Today in service was a great day. The Dec. WT is great. But Nov. WT I loved it. Many people readily excepted it. Today I placed a bible teach book with an RT I have. I can’t wait to go back.

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