Absence makes the heart grow fonder or Out of sight out of mind..?


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    No family – Just me and my daughter.

    My friends understand and my guy friends hate that mushy stuff.

    My daughter – I tell her I love her every time I see her and then some !

    Yes, I appreciate thyouem !

  • velvet my little Silky Skin friend,i know for a fact,that Absence makes the Heart grow fonder,

    and yes i do tell people i love and Care about,how much i appreciate them,from Family to Contacts and friends,they all mean so much to me,and i know an Angel in Ireland to,O yes i do,and was there for me just when i needed a little Help,i will never forget that,

    so take care my sweet little Tiger.

  • Those are two adages that I use to determine how much I miss the person

    If I REALLY miss them then absence makes the heart grow fonder

  • Out of Sight out of intellect. I truely will omit whatever if i don’t see it. Thats why when i have candy, I have to hide it from myself so i do not consume the whole factor unexpectedly. However the absence of it does make the guts develop fonder b/c while you then while you do get it after awhile, you’re like, OMG this tastes SOO good!!! How might i’ve stayed away for see you later? Good, thats how it’s with me and Peanut M&M’s anyway.

  • I try to tell them.

    When in a good relationship it’s usually makes the heart grow fonder.

    A bad one, can be mixed, sometimes it’s a relief to get away from her.

  • …Out of sight out of mind

    Saying that out of personal experience (more than once) lol

    but it depends on what relation it is. if it’s someone very close, then it makes the heart grow fonder (eg my brother)

    Source(s): Remember that contact I have, Batman?

    Oh well, you know what I’m trying to say lol. He’s gone (for now) and wont be back until next summer (hopefully)
    And guess what? Out of sight out of mind…. 😉

  • You don’t see me you forget me , you better not . Yes absence makes the heart grow fonder .

  • It makes it grow fonder. It isn’t till a person leaves your life that you realize how much you miss them.

    Bq: I do not, I really should.

  • Absence makes the heart grow fonder, or is it abstinence?

  • My heart grows fonder, even though I wouldn’t think it possible … I always try to tell them, but it’s hard if they are not here :S

  • Fonder. I do tell them. Life is short. Not to be taken for granted.

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