Another poem from my search, opinions please?

By Dag Drahmr

Weather is calling for rain.

I sit and listen

sounds of running water

but there is a hush

Nature is holding her breath.

No bird talk,

few in the trees

and fewer flying.

Peace surrounds me,

a small voice whispers within.

“Watch, His Glory to be shown!”

How will God show his power?

Lightning, strong winds

Mighty Elms to shake.

We await the show, Cracker and I.


Sorry Dallas but I write from two different egos while Coop tries to control them. Dag is the dreamer and Rex is more of reality side.

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  • Coop, I don’t strictly know who that is, but the poem in its natural flow is a decent read.

  • Sounds about like my neck of the woods today’

  • your poem is full change another poems because your poem topic is so nice and enjoyable from other poem,i like it.

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