are writers allowed to create new places in towns that already exist? HELP!!!?

can I as a writer create new place in for example Boston or San Francisco that doesn’t exist? thank you 😀

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  • Of course you can!

    You don’t really think that London has a “Knockturn Alley”, “Gringott’s Bank” or a “Platform and /”, do you?

  • Yes. R.L. Stine wrote a story about the Kings Island amusement park, including time travel to an amusement park in the s that was in the same place as Kings Island. Kings Island is real, but there was never a historical park there that was blown down by a tornado (which was the story in the book). This invention of a fake history (where the story took place) is totally fine, even for someone like me who grew up near that area!

    Many writers invent places within cities or near cities. Or they imagine up their own details that simply don’t exist.

  • Absolutely.

    Ironically, the place you’ll run into trouble occasionally is when you bump into real-life things, such as ‘Big Al’s Bakery’ down the street, or whatnot. You need to be very careful, if employing real-world settings, not to say something that might be interpreted as slanderous.

  • Yes Ex: Metropolis= new York

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  • Yes!!! gotta escape that boring everyday reality!

  • yes, of course! 🙂

    Source(s): myself 🙂

  • Yep! 🙂

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