Hey, Fanfiction story competition help.?

On fanfiction do people do competition for stories? if so do you know any people doing some atm?

i write twilight stories and i’d love to enter a competition

thanks x

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  • Look for Twilight fanfiction sites or groups on live journal. I’m competing in Potions & Snitches Prompt Fest, (Harry Potter & Severus Snape non slash site) and over the summer I did Spy Fest, an Alex Rider competition. I’m also writing a response to a prompt now, but it is also for Alex Rider fandom.

    Considering Twilight is very well known, there are plenty of competitions just waiting for you.

    All you you have to do is look. I’m sure there are tons, considering how Twilight fanfic writers are duplicating. ^_^

  • I only know challenges: That means someone sets a topic and others write stories according to the set parameters. I never heard of there being a winner in such cases. But there are awards you can win by writing fanfiction. I’m not into Twilight so I can’t give you further tips.

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