backend solution for e-commerce website?

I have a web developer building the front end of my retail website. If I want a backend, do I have to find another web developer to build it from scratch (expensive and time consuming) or are there third party packages or solutions that I can just purchase or use with a monthly fee?

I heard there are cloud based solutions as well. Can someone please point me to me right direction and recommend (or give examples) of a few companies that can provide what I need?

I’m a newbie.


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  • Depending on what language and technology you want to use, Nowadays its cost effective to get an ecommerce site.

    NopCommerce (.net) –

    Or even, godaddy have ecommerce as well which includes hosting. Might want to give them a go.

    Other good ones also available –

  • If the web developer builds the site in WordPress it will have a back-end that you can go into and use yourself, and there are tons of shopping cart solutions you can use with WordPress as well that are easy to set up and free.

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