Beginner at MySQL, and I need help figuring out how to start.?

I just downloaded mysql and am having some issues getting started. I have never created a database, or anything.

I need to make a table with the column headings “First Name”, “Last Name”, and “Address”. Then just be able to enter data in that table.

How do I even get started? I’ve been prompted for a “root” password, and I have no clue what that’s even all about.

I downloaded the full free suite thing from the Mysql website. All I’ve ever opened up is “workbench”.

Any thorough help would be greatly appreciated!!


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  • with irc client, chatzilla for example, connect to freenode, join #mysql, help may come faster from there

  • you need to take that direction, whether it would not provide help to get you a job, some companies do use java and you will have the adventure by utilizing taking that direction. in case you do no longer then you definately ought to acquire the Java application at their professional website and play around with it and make some softwares and such. The language you need to renowned relies upon on the organization, in the event that they only use java that’s positive. yet lots of the time it is going to provide help to in case you learn different languages. the suited thank you to initiate i think of is by utilizing watching examples and discovering from them and get fluent with it. i in my opinion wish this helps…..

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