Benefits and Drawbacks of Conformity

There are many benefits to being a part of a group, but there are also some downsides. One negative side of conformity is the generation of group apathy. People who follow group rules tend to look for a higher power to guide them. But blind trust can lead to problems for society, since it leads to the feeling that issues are not our own. It also encourages pressure on others and lacks diversity.


‘Kawaii’ is an attempt to break free from mainstream adulthood. The idea is that adults are too conformist and too’mean’ to express themselves and let loose. ‘Kawaii’ can also refer to fairy kei, the Japanese equivalent of cute. Regardless of what you may think about the concept, kawaii has become popular and used to influence consumer behavior.

Despite the fact that ‘Kawaii’ is largely an aesthetic that is based on children and young adults, it can be useful for the grown-up world, too. For some, the aesthetics of kawaii are a creative outlet and a way to express one’s individuality without affecting others. Many young adult women in Japan choose to use kawaii to express themselves and bring playfulness to their adult lives.


One of the advantages of Kodak’s conformity program was that it covered all of the country’s amateur still camera markets. The company also offered color print paper, photofinishing equipment, and film to photofinishers, though it refused to supply film for some other formats. In response, the company altered its development schedules and eliminated some tests. As its target date drew nearer, however, it realized that P-118 was not conformant and had several problems.

The court must consider the extent of Kodak’s share erosion in the market. Currently, the company has lost market share in the camera and color paper markets. As such, the company may not need injunctive relief. However, the court must consider the extent to which Kodak abused its control over various markets. If Kodak is losing a significant portion of its market share, injunctive relief may be necessary.


According to a study conducted by Kim and Markus, “The Korean benefits and disadvantages of conformity are related to achievement perceptions and social support.” Students’ motivation to achieve was associated with their perceived support from peers, teachers, and the government, but the study found that students’ self-concepts had little bearing on whether they were motivated to achieve. In addition, the research revealed that conformity was linked to the perceived social support students received from peers and teachers, and to their achievement scores in English and Korean.

However, in recent years, Korea’s law has undergone rapid changes in terms of anti-corruption compliance. For example, the UK’s Bribery Act is already in force and the US’s FCPA is not far behind. Other countries apply anti-corruption laws across the globe, but Korea’s Anti-Graft Law could be viewed as an attempt to align itself with other developed signatories to the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention.


A deep preferential trade agreement would be beneficial for Kenya. However, the country must first align its domestic political economy to support such a deal. In the meantime, it needs to revise its current trade policies and address controversial issues head-on, such as high import tariffs on dairy products, sanitary and phytosanitary barriers, and restrictions on foreign direct investment (FDI).

As for the economy, the agricultural sector constitutes 33 percent of the country’s GDP and provides employment for over 40% of the total population and more than 70% of the rural population. However, agriculture-led economic growth has slowed down over the past several years, and smallholder farmers lack access to improved technology and competitive markets. AECOM projects aim to improve access to affordable, sustainable electricity and boost nutrition outcomes, while strengthening county government capacity and engaging the private sector in rural household development.


In Japan, a common concept is the collective unit, which focuses on unity and conformity in groups. Despite this widespread cultural practice, there are some drawbacks to this approach. Here are some examples. Not everyone in Japan conforms to traditional norms and expectations, which can create problems for people who want to live more independently. For instance, Japanese society may not allow gays and lesbians to marry, which may create social problems.

In Japan, society values group over individual and follows implicit rules that govern behavior. Students in schools and universities are expected to behave according to guidelines set by teachers and administration. Even clothing and behavior are regulated by strict rules. To achieve this, Japanese people are expected to show up on time to meetings, appointments, and public transport. In return, this maintains social order and avoids ambiguity. Similarly, it can create a negative stereotype of Japanese people.

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