Negative Sentences – How to Avoid Negative Sentences With Simple Present Verbs

Did you know that you can form negative sentences using infinitives instead of simple present verbs? Although this rule applies to almost all verbs, it does not work for “to be” as the main verb. You cannot make negative sentences by adding the word “do” after the main verb. Therefore, forming negative sentences with “to be” is more like creating a negative sentence in another language.

Avoiding negative sentences with simple present verbs

Avoiding negative sentences with simple present verbs can help you create clearer and more concise sentences. Negative sentences are often confusing, especially if you use more than one negative in a sentence. The best way to avoid this problem is to use a positive word to make your point. There are also several ways to use negatives in sentences. If you use multiple negatives, make sure you only use them sparingly. Here are a few tips.

When using a simple present verb, avoid saying “We are in the process of.” This sentence is made easier because the “we” is the main verb and the helping verb signals that it is in the past. Using negative words with simple present verbs is also more common in American English than in French. This is because the verb does not have the -ed ending and instead functions as a helper.

Forming negative sentences with infinitives

In the French language, we form negative sentences by using the infinitive and the auxiliary ‘DO’. Negative sentences are usually written in the present tense, while negative imperative and future tense sentences are written in the future. This guide will provide you with examples of all three types of negative sentences. You will be able to create your own negative sentences using these examples.

If you’re writing a sentence in English, it’s helpful to know the difference between a positive and a negative one. In positive sentences, a verb is always followed by a noun. If you’re making a suggestion, you can use a question word such as ‘why’ or ‘which’. You can also use the zero infinitive with a negative verb.


Using the simple present can express the idea that an action is happening now or not. It is only used in the presence of certain mixed verbs or non-continuous verbs. For example, you can use it to describe a scheduled event that will occur in the near future. A common example of this would be talking about a train leaving every morning at 8 AM or Earth orbiting the Sun every twelve months.

Grammar tip

To make negative sentences with simple present verbs, you have to pair a helping verb with the main verb. In this case, “to be” is a auxiliary verb and it is used to negate the noun or action. “To be” can mean “to be” or “not to be” in different languages. But it works with most verbs in English. This is the most common mistake, but it is not difficult to correct.

You can also use the simple present to express the idea that an action is happening right now. Usually, it’s used to express a routine or recurring event. It’s also used when you’re describing something that is going to happen in the near future, like a train leaving at 8 AM on a particular day. You can also use the simple present to talk about recurring events, such as a bus or train running every day.

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