POLL: Has anyone ever actually met anyone named Rebecca?

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  • my names rebbecca

  • I have met at least people named Rebecca.

    I currently work with Rebeccas, I went to a junior high banquet with a Rebecca…and made a new friend last week named Rebecca..lol

    Of course there are always Becky’s and Becca’s to include too.

  • I know like Rebecca’s

  • Yep, my neighbor is named Rebecca. And I’ve known a lot of younger kids named Rebecca.

  • I have a cousin named Rebecca.

  • My daughter’s name is Rebekah…. is that close enough? And she went to school with a girl named Rebecca. And I have a cousin named Becky.

    What’s the point?

  • Aunt Rebecca, call her Aunt Beck

    friends named Rebecca.

    Is this name not common for you?

  • Countless Beckies

  • I must be in the minority then. No. I don’t remember any Rebeccas at school, nor any at any place I’ve worked. Not even any beckys. A big fat no over here!

  • ive got a friend wit the name rebecca

  • Yes there were a few at school but not met any since, I have a new friend called Rachel, never had a Rachel before. Ha Ha that she sounds like a pet.

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