Can I start dancing at ?

I want to start freestyle and disco. I also want to start ballet again after years. Is it to late. I’m a girl btw. :):):)

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  • You can start whenever well… if your older like and want to be like company professional no… But for your age yes. For example Patricia Zhou started at a older age and now she is dancing with the Royal Ballet 😀 😀 so if she can do that you can start dancing!!! I hope you have fun dancing 😉

  • No, you can start at any age. It might be a little harder to learn but if you work hard then you can do anything. Good luck 🙂

  • Of course! It’s never to late to try!

    Hope you succeed in what you love!

  • Its not too late, GO FOR IT! <

  • Nahh sweety ur good

  • Yes you can

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