Okay I love to read. My parents will not let me buy books.?

That means I have to read the kiddy books. I’m not doing that. I am also a computer geek is there anyway there are cheap books to buy for teenagers or free ones on the computer or something.

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  • The only FREE and LEGAL books on the computer are those that the authors agree to let you read for free or are out of copyright. You can also check your public library. Some libraries buy ebook rights so you can borrow the ebooks for free.

    I can sympathize with you but I will not help people steal from authors.

    Source(s): Sites that are FREE and LEGAL

    Download Little Brother For Free


    Read about book piracy

  • You can download the Kindle and Nook apps to your PC. Through those apps you have access to a great deal of self published books. Occasionally, you’ll find a good one.

    Gutenberg.com allows you to download free books that were published before . Most of what I have on my Nook came from Gutenberg.

    Many libraries offer downloads of e-books, which you check out for a standard week period and then they expire, becoming inaccessible.

    My parents bought me few books when I was young. Not because they were cheap, but because I read so quickly that the books were relegated to the shelves days after purchase. I learned early how to access my local library and began riding my bike there once a week by the time I was .

    Used book shops usually offer books for sale for more than half off the cover price. They’re also a great way to get a book that’s no longer in print. Make friends with them and they’ll call you when a specific title you’re looking for comes in.

    You might also try asking your parents if you can do chores around the house and be paid in giftcards to local bookstores.

  • Often you’ll find authors willing to give away free copies of their self-published books on Kindleboards and Library Thing. You’ll need an ereader (like Kindle for PC, it’s free) on your computer. Also, most are looking for a little work from you in exchange. If you’re willing to read and post thoughtfull reviews of the book on Amazon, you might find a number of YA authors willing to share their work for free.

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    Source(s): http://www.kindleboards.com/

  • Well my darling Jaina let me introduce you to a fabulous facility called a “library” which allows you to check out books on a loan basis and return them in exchange for new books. The only thing required for this particular service is a library card which may be obtained by contacting your local librarian.

    Happy reading

  • Your parents won’t let you buy books? Wow, I’ve heard some stupid parenting stories in my time but this defiantly tops the list…

    But since your parents are still controlling you like that I’m assuming you can’t be more than , which means you would still be in school so why not just use your schools library?

  • Getting books from a library should be free. There are some books you can read online for free you just need to google search it.

  • Well you can always get yourself a library card. & You can get lots of free ebooks online by looking on google or whatever search engine 🙂 you just type in whatever genre you’re looking for and at the end add “pdf”

    this website might be really useful for you:


    They either have free pdf files or they can help you find the nearest copy at the nearest library 🙂

    Source(s): Free literature for the win 🙂

  • I recommend the demonata. It DOES have a seperate, perhaps magical international in it, relies upon on the opinion. character can use reasonable quantities of magic. the st e book is Lord Loss and it grow to be very sturdy (i think of) and the nd is Demon Thief and has an wonderful ending. while you’re completey against those, perhaps attempt combat interest, its some gypsy boy, additionally exciting tale.(dont choose to furnish it away) OH, and combat interest is likewise a chain, havent study the nd.

  • If you have an iPod or an eReader, you can download free books online. For an iPod, you would need the iBooks app. Here is one of the websites I use: www.epubbud.com

    Most books should be there.

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    Source(s): www.epubbud.com

  • whats wrong with a library? just as much or more selection than a bookstore, and all for free. My library even lets me put books on loan, for a small fee (~cents) and will buy books if they dont already have them.

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