Need a name for my fictional lake town?

The town has a huge lake but also fresh water springs in the mountains which it is famous for. Its filled with rich lushes greenery. Ideal for fishing, hiking and camping. Its populated mainly by the wealthy but still holds good community values. Any ideas? I was thinking about having a name that represents the fresh, clear, crisp atmosphere.

Also if it helps, the town is the setting for a drama/comedy/romance series.

Thanks everyone xxxx

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  • Watergate




    Timber Falls

    Source(s): my brain 🙂

  • What about…

    Preston Hollow.

    Sunset Springs.

    Cedar Hill.

    Or maybe Greenville?

    Lol I’m sorry if these are stupid, I’m usually not good at these sort of things but I’m bored as Hell and thought I would give it a shot (:

  • Freshwater, lakeview, Salmon town, Blue front, golden bay, Piscatoris, ivywater, atmonville, Torchlight bay

  • Crystal springs 🙂

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