Why so some people hate the Hunger Games?

Explain dont just say it sucks

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  • Everyone like different things. I don’t hate the books, but I did have some major issues that kept me from liking it. I can’t even fit them all so I’ll be concise and stick to the main few.

    ) Characters (main character mainly)

    — Katniss is a somewhat hollow character. She doesn’t really seem to care about anything. She doesn’t care if she lives of dies for the most part. Unfortunately, the reader sees everything from her perspective, which means we only get her depressing, “don’t care attitude” view of things. It seems as if the author really doesn’t know her well, or what drives her. She doesn’t care about Peeta(although we are supposed to believe she does) – she writes him off almost immediately when he returns “hijcked” from the Capitol. She does the same to Gale after the war. She doesn’t care about the rebellion, as she spends most of the time hiding in a closet, or not cooperating.

    Character development is almost nonexistent. There is no real growth from beginning to end. Katniss is still hallow, Peeta is still innocent and naive, Haymich is still a drunk that occasionally is helpful, etc. And again, this may be Katniss’s fault, as she is so closed off to everyone else(and the book is though her eyes).

    )Lazy writing

    Book – Katniss says numerous times that she will have to kill the children she is competing with(even her allies), yet she never does. The only people she ever kills are nameless or set up as the “big bad”. Those who she does not want to kill conveniently get picked off by someone else. Refusing to allow her to kill anyone, robs the reader from seeing development of her character.

    Book – Again she does not have to kill anyone. ex- She gets to a point where she cannot go on with Mags, instead of allowing her to make the decision to leave Mags behind, the choice is taken care of for her.

    Book – Conclusion to the love triangle. Gale is portrayed as a rage filled soldier by the end. Katniss, and by extension the reader are meant to judge him based on his choices. However, katniss is the last person who should be judging anyone, and how can the reader make a judgement on someone who didn’t really do anything? Prim’s death through the bombs is simple a devise the author uses to give Katniss a reason to hate Gale, but why? How can we blame Gale when his idea was manipulated by Coin for evil reasons. Gale is the same person he always was, a motivated individual, not afraid to die for a cause. Katniss knows this from the moment she finds him hunting illegally. For her to say that she could never be with him b/c he was driven by rage and she already had enough of that in her is a cop out. He is not full of rage, but drive to fight for a cause he believes in, which is something they were trying to get Katniss to find in herself when she was not huddled in a closet somewhere.

    ) The ending

    —War typically does not result in happy ending, but in a book there should be resolution. I think the author wanted to end with how war is tragic and leaves destruction in its path. However, people still move on, grow, heal, make amends.

    The epilogue was terrible. Katniss was miserable, and we are left to wonder if that would have been the case had she actually married the man she loved, Gale? Does she really love Peeta? She has children that she doesn’t seem to actually love, she had them to make Peeta happy. In an ironic twist she becomes her mother, whom we are meant to hate from the very first book. Like her mother she simply drifts through the days, she wallows in the misery of her own tragic past. She finds joy in nothing, not even her children. There is no real resolution. While there should not be a fairytale ending, there should be resolution They win the war, but we have no idea what type of government is in place. The last thing we know about government is that the people elected Coin(a corrupt leader, much the same as the last president). They have yet to learn the lesson of the past. What is the government doing now?

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    ) We never got anywhere

    — What do we take from this book? There was no character growth, we have no idea what happened to the government, and we we are basically where we would have been if Katniss had never volunteered. Prim’s death sort of negated the entire reason for the series. We are supposed to be following a character(Katniss) that was willing to die for her sister. Her sacrifice in the first book begins the rebellion. After all that, Prim dies anyway. Katniss buys her an extra year or so. Disappointing.

    There are many other reasons, but these are my main one’s(well the first main one’s). I don’t hate this book b/c everyone loves it(no more that people love this book b/c everyone does). I simply see a lot of flaws in the writing. I am not going to fall in love with a book just b/c it’s popular, I still expect it to meet certain expectations. This book fell short.

  • I don’t HATE the Hunger Games, but here is what I think of it:

    I think the books are okay, and little more than that. The books are fast-paced, they’re violent, they’re exciting, fun, but the thing is, that doesn’t make a good book. There’s a difference between exciting or entertaining, and good or great.

    For one, the books are not, by any means, original. I don’t necessarily have a problem with that, but the fact that they so closely resemble “Battle Royale,” “The Long Walk,” “The Running Man” and a few others I could name, it does bug me a bit.

    The writing is great. I have no problems there, like I do with Twilight for its terrible writing. Suzanne Collins is amazing at writing action, and keeping it going too.

    The story goes from being good with a great deal of potential and depth, to written seemingly for the money, almost dryly. Katniss’s actions because subject to deus ex machina instead of herself, some characters lost their true selves, especially as the end grew near.

    The story is what it is, and lacks a sort of realism, or honest depth to it. They’re the kind of books you read, are hooked by, and finish, and little more than that. It’s different for people who are absolutely obsessed with them and can’t get them off their minds, of course, but from an objective standpoint, I read the books and enjoyed them, but little more than that. There aren’t many emotions that go deeper than complicated love or survival tension. The books aren’t personal or anything. That doesn’t make them bad books–they aren’t bad books–but they aren’t great by any means, either.

    So, I don’t hate them because everyone else loves them, or anything. Haha, i read them before they grew to popularity, and this was always my opinion of them.


  • Well some people aren’t into all the killing, or sad movies, or things like that.

    Because you have to admit, there is stabbing, and things like that, some people just don’t like that type of stuff.

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    Personally, I love the Hunger Games, but some people also may not like the love story behind it, or the killing, the dying, etc.

  • ok, I completely trust you. I understand why human beings might want to income from the starvation video games, yet they offer it way too a lot praise. i chanced on that Collins used a plot comparable to conflict Royale, including in a crappy love triangle to attempt to make it exciting. Katniss Everdeen became no longer a o.k. stepped ahead personality. You slightly were given any of her authentic thoughts because she’s always too busy being fake. In a first individual POV, it should not be that demanding to characteristic her personal thoughts and emotions quite of her always being the Capitol’s Everdeen. My acquaintances certain me that Catching hearth became extra acceptable, even with the indisputable fact that it wasn’t. extra struggling with, extra killing, regular boring crap. and then on the top, and that i became SO chuffed, Peeta get’s capitol-napped. So, my chum questioning she’s sensible, advised me he dies int he very last one. when I laughed, she payed me $ to end Mockingjay and then tell her how I felt. nicely, the plot ultimately modifications, although i will’t say it became extra acceptable that the different books. yet it truly is the twist! on the top, all and multiple’s both lifeless or loopy. I propose MY GOSH! One loopy personality and one or lifeless characters might want to’ve been wonderful, yet NO! starvation video games is in basic terms yet another Twilight, aimed in route of little ones with no longer something extra acceptable to attempt this study a e book about love that shouldn’t EVEN workout contained in the first position!

  • For the same reason people hate Taylor Swift and Twilight- the more popular something becomes, the more people start to dislike it because they are ripping it apart with criticism and trying to find reasons to be unlike everyone else. In a way, it relates to hipster concepts. Hipsters enjoy things when few people are into them, but when other people realize the greatness of those same things, those things become “overrated” or “too mainstream.” Basically, it is because everyone just tries to avoid being like other people.

  • I thought the story line was compelling enough, but it left me kind of flat as a dystopian story. There were far too many coincidences bailing her out or moving the story forward making it what I like to call dystopia-lite. Also the romance was carried too far for dystopia, in all dystopia romance is ultimately futile because one or both remain enslaved or dies. No happy endings in dystopia, EVER!

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  • Battle Royale*

  • We all have different opinions and thought. No one is the same, everyone will think different towards it. We all like different types of films and maybe this film doesn’t fit into there certain love for a film catergory. Personally I love it and it’s great.




  • ive not seen it yet but i want to!

    & people are just like that because they wnt to have an opinion about it even if they havent seen it yet, there like that about most movies.

    or maybe they just dont like the ‘idea’ of it….?

    Source(s): mee!!!

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