Can you C/C by The Yorkshire man?

I don’t make any claims that this is poetry, what I do claim it to be IS LIFE.

Lady on phone………..

Oblivious to what’s happening around her,

lady with phone to her right ear. I picked

conversation up thirty yards a way, other

side of the road. Having a discussion with someone?

I’ll let you decide who it was.

“How many times must I tell you, HOW MANY TIMES?

You don’t get it do you? I’ll spend what

I like when I like. I’m working, are you?

Don’t tell me what to do. No! I’m not, that’s

over months ago, IS YOURS? NO!

“You’ve been seen three times this month,

with her. No! I’m not checking up on you,

wouldn’t waste time, you flatter yourself.

I’m ending the call, don’t be there when I get back.

Oh yes! Use the kids as a weapon, you are

good at that, F..luck off.

That’s the writer being polite.

She ended the call. All this happened over yards, very loud. Life can be so interesting even when just going for a walk about..


You are one smart Cookie Ely. Loves ya to, ANYTHING BUT PIECE’S!….lol

I think you might be down for a BA on this one cookie. How’s ya feel about that? In ya own words, take ya time now…lol

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  • Uh and duh…was this a telemarketer?

    Advice…next time don’t answer if there’s a pause—it’s a recorded message.

    Is there a ‘’ in your country, for telemarketeers? USE IT! It certainly works.

    Dat be its.

    h I get it…got so many boats today, I’m going in circles…a woman accusing her husband of an affair, married or not. heheheheheeee…jealousy proves not having confidence in yourself.

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