Can you change the color of the sketch on Photoshop?

Like let’s say you drew something in pencil, you scanned it but you want it to be blue instead. (Pencil blue) How would you do it? Not like outlining it either. Just the way it was before but a different color.

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  • Use the color replacement tool.

  • Another way would be to apply the Selective Color adjustment and adjust the sliders for the Black and Neutral parameters. The change would happen to the entire image at the same time. No need to select anything or trace over anything.

  • Go to: Image–>Adjustments–>Color balance. And play with the sliders (highlights, midtones and shadows) to get the color you want

    Then go to: Image–>Adjustments–>Hue/Saturation, check the “Colorize” box and play with the sliders to get what you want (if color balance wasn’t enough)

    *(You can do all of this with adjustment layers so that you can change the color everytime you want. But if you don’t know what an adjustment layer is I don’t want to confuse you furthermore)

  • I posted a detailed response here.…

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